Staff Transport

 We believe, an employee is an asset for a company, and so is a client. Out of this believe, we have come up with an excellent service to provide quality transportation services to your staff. Apart from cost effectiveness and overall efficiency of this service, we have so much more to offer. Our routing procedures calculate the optimized routing for the cabs or buses so that we can pick the maximum employees in least possible time and dropping them to the desired destination. This makes us offer the best timely services. We guarantee the safety of your employees as for us the safety of our employees comes before anything else. For this purpose, only highly capable and trained drivers are assigned to the tasks while we keep a constant track on the location of the vehicle. Adding to the safety, we tailor the route in such a way that female staff is first to be dropped and the last to be picked.
The rates we have to offer are reasonable, low from the ones others offer and best amongst the ones prevailing in the market. However, they are fixed and devices are installed in each motor vehicle that accurately calculates the amount according to the distance travelled to avoid any misunderstanding.

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